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The support staff at Interactive Virtual Tours understands that most professional real estate photographers and their Realtor clients are typically well trained on how or where to submit embed codes into websites. In this event, our support staff will lend you a helping hand by analyzing your needs and helping you to achieve your goals. There is not cost for this service.

For those who need assistance, we offer our help at no additional cost to you. Let us help you by using screen sharing software.

Interactive Virtual Tours uses a screen share software called TeamViewer. You can download TeamViewer at no cost to you at the following link.

Once you have downloaded this free software, you will need to open the application and share your randomly generated ID and Password.

When you are ready, then give us a call at (972) 480-3567 and share your ID and Password with us so we can access your computer.

We will briefly share your mouse’s control and show you how to complete your objective. Trust me, we will make this easy on you.

It is really that simple!! Snap2Close!!


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